Black Market

On purchase, your player in-game will receive a physical one-item item. This means you will only receive the item once and it is your own responsibility. Lost items will not be returned or refunded. More information about each separate package can be displayed by clicking on them. Black Market items can also be traded, sold, or given to a friend as a gift!

100 Tokens

2.99 USD View

250 Tokens

4.99 USD View

325 Tokens

6.99 USD View

Harvester Hoe 35000 Uses

4.99 USD View

Harvester Hoe Unlimited

6.99 USD View

Sell Wand Unlimited

7.99 USD View

3x3 Trenching Pickaxe

2.99 USD View

5x5 Trenching Pickaxe

3.99 USD View

7x7 Trenching Pickaxe

5.99 USD View

11x11 Trenching Pickaxe

11.99 USD View

Chunk Buster

1.99 USD View

x5 Chunk Buster

4.99 USD View